The mission of OYAB

What is OYAB? What is its mission?
OYAB—Obviously Young And Brilliant

The mission of OYAB is to enhance self esteem, self worth, confidence, self respect, dignity and pride through use of an empowering acronym. Our goal is to acknowledge any and all acts of brilliance coming from all aspects of life from post natal through adulthood and to instill the principles of this acronym into the mind of each person who encounters it. Through the constant use of this appealing acronym it will encourage, motivate and teach the concept of conditioned learning. Meaning, if you are told a number of times that you are brilliant you will believe you are brilliant and thus conduct yourself in a brilliant manner. You will be able to decipher good morals from bad ones and succeed in everyday life. No one will be able to tell you otherwise because confidence will exude from your renewed persona.

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