Do you like to party? Well she does too! And, she really loves shoes


Shannon Thornton

For our latest blog post we will travel a little off our normal path of young in the sense of youth and more in to the sense of accomplishments in life for our first female inductee in to our blog of the “OYAB”. A person who utilized their passion for fashion and love for an outstanding shoe to create her own niche, which happens to be off the normal path of the sale of women’s shoes. Have you ever heard of bringing the shoe store to your house? As opposed to store hopping for the perfect pair? Not before Sole Girl Shoe Party LLC! That’s exactly what Ms Shannon Thornton founder and CEO of Sole Girl Shoe Party  did. After attending countless shopping events with masses of vendors and becoming frustrated with the lack of vendors who specialized in her favorite accessory, she came up with an ingenious idea to bring to her area.  She would contact the entities that provided the shoes, select various styles and sizes and take her show on the road. Avoiding significant overhead costs and bringing the utmost convenience to her excited customers; bringing the store to their living room! You see, when a Sole Girl Shoe Party comes to town it doesn’t just come with shoes. There is the signature drink (shhhhh cant tell that secret) party games to engage guest and perks for the hostess. Up and running for the last 14 months Sole Girl Shoe Party has seen great success and grown significantly over the past year with parties expanding from just the Washington DC area up to New York City as well. In her words she plans to “become the Mary Kay and Avon for shoes” as she receives many request from other to become sales associates on her behalf. An opportunity she is looking forward to in expansion of Sole Girl Shoe Party future.

Currently 29 years old and residing in Severn, Md Shannon was born in Wesisbaden, Germany. She grew up in Landover, Md and attended Howard University and graduated with a degree in education. She is a proud parent of her lone son and avid about the importance of her family in her life. She credits her father with her ambitious nature and savvy business mind which regularly intrigues her friends to pick her mind for assistance with their own ventures. She actively participates in charity work as well volunteering her time to Women of vision and D.R.E.A.M life inc . If you ever meet Shannon you will meet a person with a seemingly endless amount of energy and an attitude stricken with positivity and the desire to see not only herself but those around her achieve all they seek to accomplish. Shannon Thornton though not our typical acknowledgement of youth but with out a doubt exactly who we would like to see the younger youth grow in to. OYAB is Shannon Thornton!


13 thoughts on “Do you like to party? Well she does too! And, she really loves shoes

  1. Ms Thornton is an AMAZING business woman and person. Those of us who know(and love) Shannon are truly blessed to have such a wonderful spirit in our lives. I could be a little biased though b/c Ms Thornton is my best friend! lol

  2. Nice! Well-written and informative. This is the first blog that I’ve had the pleasure of reading, and I will definitely be checking in on more occasions. S/O to Satin Doll!!!

  3. Well Well Ms. Shannon !! I am truly proud of you, God has blessed you more ways then one, you are funny, smart and an awesome business woman. I was fortunate to attend one of Ms. Shan Shan ( Shannon) shoe party, not only did I come out with two pairs of the best shoes at a great price, I also had one of her signature drinks that were so delicious. Shannon continue the great work and as long as I have money flowing through my account you always have my business lol.. Love you chick !! You deserve all the recognition given to you.

    • *teardrops* thank sugah dumpling i appreciate your continuous support and im glad you enjoyed the party!!! looking forward to hosting your event love

  4. Wow two thumbs up Shannon. You are an amazing person with an amazing spirit. Continue to Be blessed in all you do. Oh and bring your shoe party to Florida. LOL. Good Job Shannon, you deserve it!!!

  5. Excellent blog..I’m very encouraged by this blog and inspired by the work of the featured Brilliant young woman!!! Excellent work!!!

  6. thank you blaine and narvell for this spotlight!!! i definitely respect your work and your vision. i wish you well in your endeavors and i hope to work with you guys in some capacity in the future. stay blessed

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