The PoetikElise in the Poetik Universe!

In the second entry of this blog we were able to highlight a young man who utilized his talent of writing to afford him a fully paid education. This entry highlights yet another person who is utilizing their talent of writing to achieve their goals and dreams in their walk of life. Kamilla Simpson a devoted wife and loving mother utilizes her life long passion to present her talent to the world. Born in Jamaica Queens, Ny, as a 9yrn old girl Kamilla discovered that she had a passion for writing poetry. This passion was reinforced by her family and teachers. Winning a $100 savings bond in her first writing competition as a fifth grader she continued to foster her talent and get better. She went on to also receive The Thomas P. Clark Memorial award presented by the 202nd Street Block Association in New York and The editors choice awards in 2004 for outstanding achievement in poetry presented by and the International Library of Poetry. These achievements reassured Kamilla that she was following her passion and doing it well. Exactly, what we hope to achieve when presenting OYAB to the world.

Currently a resident of Atlanta, Georgia Kamilla has continued to pursue her passion with great success up to this point. In 2004 Kamilla published her first book entitled Poetik Elise “Has Something To Say” which she is extremely proud of. A known voice on the spoken word scene Kamilla aka Poetic Elise has expanded her talents as many great artist do. While residing in Atlanta this talent got her invited to the V103 the hottest station in the state by Quiet Storm’s 20year veteran and the most popular radio host Joyce Little. This opportunity not only earned her an open invite to the show but also gave her lots of exposure which has currently evolved into a focus of an album which is in the works. Focusing now 100% on music Kamilla considers herself a lover of all art forms. She attributes her love for arts to the outlet it gives her dreams to be heard by the world. With a down to earth personality and broad and liberal perspective of life Kamilla will continue to grown the brand Poetik Elise with the hopes of giving younger artist the opportunity to have a forum the same way she has. In her bio it says “What do you do when you meet a person whose so passionate about artistic expression that they replace their appropriate name to a stage name just to introduce their craft?  You pay attention!!! “This is a great inspiration to youngsters and adults alike that may be insecure or afraid to express themselves outside the norms of sports and education. It is important that they know expression of self and ones feelings is essential to completeness and the person they are. Poetik Elise we love what your doing and hope you continue to inspire more like you!!! Poetik Elise is OYAB. Check out Kamilla’s blog at


2 thoughts on “The PoetikElise in the Poetik Universe!

  1. Awesome post..have you ever thought of actually inviting some of this talented folks to speak to the kids you work with?

  2. i absolutely love your blog. it covers all art forms…music, poetry, FASHION!!! love it!!! can’t wait to hear your music. i am also a billie holiday fan…i love old jazz!!!

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