The Brilliant neighborhood of Ms Rogers









Again, we would like to say that we greatly appreciate all the support as we challenge ourselves to expand OYAB beyond your greatest imaginations. With this latest blog posting, we hit a new milestone enabling us to highlight our youngest “allaboutoyab” member to date. our readers know that we will not disappoint and you have been privy to people and things which you may have not known about without the introduction of The young lady chosen today will not disappoint and fits the most literal interpretation of our acronym, Obviously Young and Brilliant.

Welcome thirteen yr. old, eighth grader, Ms. Shakirah Rogers to our blog. Born in Buffalo, New York and currently residing in Marietta, Georgia, Shakirah has excelled both academically and personally, with her mom as her guiding influence. As a kindergarten student, when the average expectancy was for students to recognize 50 words, Shakirah excelled, recognizing at least 250 words, 500% above the normal expectancy for her age group. The significance OF this is that it directly relates to the total and absolute mission of OYAB. A mission in life that lets you know that learning doesn’t just occur in the classroom and providing the path for a child to a young adult doesn’t just take place at home. ThIS approach must be a team effort, effectively illustrating the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”. Simply, even though Shakirah never missed a day of school and was traditionally educated, it did not stop there. Her mom took the time, the love to go above and beyond the formalities of the school curriculum. She pushed, gently prodded, and guided her child to reach her maximum potential, The result being that Shakirah understood and believed anything was possible. This is our mission at OYAB. We love to see and acknowledge the parent who transfers the love and discipline to the pupil.

These personalized programs are designed to specifically evaluate the academic progress of students by emphasizing creative, productive, and critical thinking. Through extensive and advanced research skills and skills for independent learning, Shakirah was identified as a gifted child in the 4th grade by Cobb County in the state of Georgia. As a gifted student, Shakirah has scored perfect scores on her CRCT exams (equivalent to final exams) yearLY. To remain a great student and sibling, Shakirah continually exhibits hard work, coupled with the desire to be brilliant with the effort she puts in. simply, hard work and most importantly, self-discipline with her studies and extracurricular activities pays off. A member of the chorus at Smith Elementary School and a dedicated Girl Scout, Shakirah has also received the President’s award for education excellence on two separate occasionS, signed by President Barak Obama himself!!!!! Determined to become an engineer in her adult life, Shakirah has now begun the college search process that will enable her to reach her academic goals and career dreams. With A focus on engineering, she is considering Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and Spellman’s rigorous Dual Engineering program. So take a moment, take a glance at what this young lady is doing with herself and don’t be too proud to show your children that they too can exceed expectations and be cool doing it! CHECK out this young lady’s photo above: you can see she OBVIOUSLY has the style, the grace,  and the character to go along with her story. Ms Rogers, when your friends ask, please let them know that you have been officially deemed OYAB Obviously Young and Brilliant!!!



2 thoughts on “The Brilliant neighborhood of Ms Rogers

  1. congrats to this ms shakirah on her accomplishments thus far and i wish her the very best on her future endeavors. very impressive aspirations & goals and a big shout out to having the best cheerleader, your mother!!!

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