First and foremost I would like to thank all of our readers for continuing to read and support this blog. I would also like to give a big shout out to the previous allaboutoyab “Oy-Yabers” and hope that they have continued their movements of brilliance. This time around we have very young someone with very grown talent. This boisterous, energetic, outgoing and extremely gifted pre-teen has no qualms about putting himself on display for people to see what he is capable of.

I would like to introduce Jai “Jiggy” Robinson a 10 year old native, and current resident of Buffalo, NY. Jiggy attends Elmwood Village Charter School in his hometown where he has excelled in his studies. Jiggy, an honor student, and member of the reading club as a 5th grader he has passed testing which shows that he is currently reading and comprehending at twelfth grade level. Always showing great heart, Jai is a great older brother to his eight year old sister and a willing humanitarian who dislikes seeing anyone in positions of less fortune. Jai likes to donate to a non profit organization as well as any homeless person he can convince his mom to give him some change to give to.

So far, it is evident that Jai has the scholastics and humanitarian aspects of life going in the right direction at age 10, but there is another aspect to his brilliance. Let’s start by viewing this video link. A member of the Jesus Freeks choir and youth organization Jiggy also plays African Drums and piano and has recently completed his 6th recital. With no lack of universal talent Jiggy Jai’s affinity and best gift is his dancing ability. Dancing since the age of 3 he is never afraid to put his skills on display as Jiggy is always ready and willing to put his feet to work whether its battle dancing or in a talent competition. A local favorite, Jiggy has provided entertainment at the widely publicized “Putting the neighbor back in the hood” celebration in the city of Buffalo. Took home 1st place trophy at the inaugural “Creez Behind the Craft “ battle dance competition in Buffalo, and as the youngest performer of 185 acts in the citywide Buffalo’s got talent competition Jiggy placed 2nd in the competition  With all of the accolades and accomplishments of Jiggy up until this point it isn’t to hard to believe the next part of this young mans story. Too often talents of youth are not developed and cultivated or even discovered if they do not consist of athletic ability. So, it is not only fitting but also a great sign to the youth that they do not go unnoticed. Competing in a local dance competition Jiggy was observed by an anonymous spectator who was able to make a suggestion to the Future Dance School Noticing how much raw talent and enthusiasm this kid brought to the table the powers that be at the Future Dance School felt strongly enough to offer and award Jai the highly coveted Michael Jackson scholarship. A scholarship which is ONLY offered (cannot be won or applied for) when the school wishes for an extraordinary talent to become a member of their program. He has tons of talent and tons of drive to match the huge personality you see in these videos. Who knows what’s next? Whether it’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” or “So You Think You Can Dance” wherever it is you will be certain that before he was a SUPERSTAR he was tagged as Obviously Young And Brilliant. Stay “OY-Yabe” Jai “Jiggy”.

More dance videos:



  1. The boy can dance his but off…..I have never seen his mommy dance but she is doing a great job with him. Yall keep up the good work

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