The one armed boxer!

About a year ago OYAB did a story on a young man named Matt Stroud who was dealing with some insurmountable circumstances around his health yet he managed to continue to excell academically, personally and athletically. Through the transplants and and hospital stays he never lost hope or will to make things go the way he wanted them to! About a month ago I came across the bio of a young man that I believed personified many of the things that OYAB stands for. His body ravaged by a very aggressive cancer this young man has continued to live his life as full as he can and wishes that we would all see his situation as a reason that we should all do the same. We sit and complain many of days about all the things that “arent going well” or sit around and say “why me” when there is a glitch in the plans that we set for ourselves but after you read about this young man take a second and think about if you were 17 years old and dealing with these harsh realities. Would you be able to go out and do the things that you love? Or, would you sit and be disappointed about the cards life has dealt you? Take the time to read the story of this young man Eddie Nogay and the next time you hear someone sound ungrateful direct them to this story and get their feedback. We tried very diligently to meet with Mr Nogay but due to scheduling conflicts and medical priorities we were unable to. However, I hope this story inspires our readers to realize that its always important to go out and make life what you want and to appreciate that you should use your time to be nothing but greatness and brilliance! After reading you will see why we entitled this story the one armed boxer because this is a real life story of fight and resiliency!



2 thoughts on “The one armed boxer!

  1. There’s nothing better than doing what makes you happy in life without feeling defeated..Eddie Nogay..You’re so OYAB..We wish you all of life’s full treasure

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